Presidential elections?  It is more of a Wall Street "Hostile Takeover!"

Romney has attacked our President with a great amount of "Bad" information and the voters are perplexed!  Many are researching the information overload placed upon them, others unfortunately believe it, and others are so overwhelmed, they just give up!  Do not give up!  We must continue to use our freedoms!  People around the World are dying to keep the idealism of Democracy alive!  Vote!






Florida's Governor, Rick Scott,  Is attempting to take over the court system!  Where is the seperation of powers?  Scott has crossed the line!

Scott is using Florida's tax money to fight law suites against him and his attacks to strip down our Florida Constitution!  Scott's inability, as a business man, to rid constitutional amendments from his first attack on them, has had to go to court!  How is paying for his bills?  We are! 

Scott has been losing in every lower court!  But now his plan is to TAKE CONTROL OF OUR COURT SYSTEM!

Scott attacked incumbent Judges with untruths about these Judges' capacity.  This way, voters will vote to remove them, and the cases Scott is losing in court, can be turned around.  Not for us the voters, but for HIS cause.



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Senator Nelson fights for Florida every day, and now, we must fight for him.  Mack, a person who being paid by tax dollars to work, is instead campaigning against Nelson! 


Send a message to the Washington Lobbyists, "Don't Tread On Me!"  Big corporations funded this campaign against our Senator and we must send that message, loud and clear!  We are keeping our former Astronaut! 


This is an easy one for you voters, VOTE NO!

Yes, on all amendments, vote "No."

Our Florida Constitution is constructed to assure us all of our rights!  Our rights as Americans and Floridians are protected by the Constitution.  These are LAWS that Tallahassee wants to implement into our rights.  Even if these Amendments were to give everyone in Florida $100 dollar bill, this is NOT the place to park a law.


Our President, John Kennedy once said in a

 famous speech to us,

 "My fellow Americans,

ask not what your country can do for you, 

ask what you can do for your country."





Many years ago, some of us witnessed and watched him give this speech.  At the time in America, we were experiencing some great changes in our society.  The meaning to these words came jumping out recently during this 2012 Presidential Campaign as a definition  to todays' setting.  

It is that, we, as Americans, are now at task to do for our country what is right.  We are to secure our freedoms.  We are to secure our Democratic process.  We are to now at task to do what President Kennedy had called upon us to do! 

Vote for America!  Vote for our Democratic process!  What can we do for our country?

Vote for the President of our America!   

Romney paid less taxes than any person from Florida from 1996-2009!


Taking this into account, Romney has not contributed to ANY of our country's programs through paying his "Fair Share" of taxes!

If Romney is elected, he will NEVER use any of his tax return on programs, because he pays no taxes, he will just spend yours!



Romney Paid Less Taxes Than Any Other American From 1996 - 2009! 

He paid Zero taxes, while the rest of America paid their taxes! 

We supported our troops, he did not!  We supported our Education System, he did not!  We supported FEMA, he did not!  When someone complains about our Government and they did not vote, we say, well next time vote!  But when someone does NOT PAY TAXES, he has no say about how our America should spend taxes he did not contribute to!


Florida!  You select the headline for the final web page!


Who is it going to be?

The President of our United States Wins again!


President Obama has won the election and remains our leader with a grass-roots campaign!  The Middle Class workers, women voters, young voters, and many elders have been the backbone of his campaign!

Large corporations, big oil companies, and insurance companies were NOT BEHIND OBAMA, it was the people who voted and financed his campaign!


God bless the U.S.A.!